Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

woman sleep on grassMillions of Americans experience nervousness, anxiety and even fear when they think about visiting the dentist. Dentists Parke and Rogers do everything in their power to alleviate the anxiety of their patients: They provide gentle care, a welcoming environment, and nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Nitrous oxide will undoubtedly help you relax while you are in the office. It is essential to see your dentist regularly for cleanings and exams so that you do not experience the negative effects of tooth decay or gum disease. We use a low and safe level of nitrous oxide so that you can feel relaxed without feeling overly groggy or confused. Another advantage of nitrous oxide is that its effects wear off almost immediately, so you can safely drive yourself to and from your dental appointment. Now you can feel completely at ease before and during your appointments, because your body and mind will be in a tranquil state.

Nitrous oxide truly makes dentistry easier and more comfortable than ever. Doctors Parke and Rogers can help you conquer your fear of visiting the dentist, or help you achieve a perfect, healthy smile more quickly than ever. To learn more about how nitrous oxide can improve your next dental experience, give us a call today.

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  • The staff is first rate, well trained and everyone is happy to work for Doctors Parke and Rogers. Dr Parke, as always, was efficient with my time. She corners the market with a unique combination of professionalism and that personal touch.
    —Gerald B.
  • Dr Rogers and Regina were the best I have seen to date! Staff is courteous and friendly.... Very easy to work with. I highly recommend!!!
    —Brent M.
  • Dr Parke and her staff are always great! She has taken the "fear" out of going to the dentist! We have been going to her for 14 years.
    —Cynthia S.
  • Wonderful. I drive 200 miles just to go to Dr. Parke. She is the best. Thank you.
    —Mark P.
  • As usual, my dental appointment was a pleasant experience. The staff was cheery and very professional.
    —June M.
  • The staff couldn't be any better. Everyone is knowledgable and happy to help.
    —Erica M.
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