TMJ / TMD Treatment

36Treating TMJ Pain

If you suffer from TMJ disorder, also known as TMD, you may experience headaches, migraines, facial pain, or other uncomfortable symptoms.

We prioritize TMJ treatment. We want to work with you as soon as possible, so your jaw feels great and functions flawlessly. Say goodbye to earaches, jaw pain, and clicking joints, and say hello to supreme comfort.

What TMJ Treatments are Available?

We provide various TMJ treatments for patients with a variety of symptoms. The causes and symptoms of TMJ disorder are different for each patient, so our dentists take the time to learn about your unique situation.

A detailed consultation will allow Dr. Parke or Dr. Rogers to treat you effectively and quickly. We offer added comfort with methods like massage and medications. We can also educate you about how to monitor your pain when you’re not in the office.

If it’s right for your situation, we’ll create a custom dental appliance for you, which will work like a mouthguard. These appliances are easy to put in, remove, and clean.

An appliance for treating TMJ will promote the relaxation of your jaw muscles. That can start to relieve your symptoms, make you feel more comfortable, and give your muscles time to heal.

In addition to our other treatments, we can use dental fixtures like crowns to adjust your bite, which can allow the muscles around your jaw to relax and recover.

12Botox for TMJ

In the past few years, thousands of patients have successfully found relief from TMJ symptoms through Botox treatments. After just a few moments in the office, you too could be pain-free for three whole months.

Botox is injected into the facial muscles around the jaw, relaxing them and giving them a break. Those muscles may have been in a tense state for a long time. With that tension gone, your pain and symptoms should fade.

While our Botox treatment is soothing your TMJ symptoms, it can also improve your overall appearance. Botox has a slimming and de-wrinkling effect on the face.

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Our patients love the relief from TMJ pain that Botox and our other TMJ treatments provide. Give us a call today to schedule your TMJ consultation.