A Breakdown of What Candy Does to Your Teeth

A Breakdown of What Candy Does to Your Teeth

Posted by Parke Rogers Dentistry on Oct 17 2019, 01:03 AM

Candy season is just around the corner. It’s not just all the Halloween candy that can have negative effects on your teeth. It’s all the gooey and sticky Thanksgiving and holiday treats as well. By the time the New Year rolls around, your mouth could be in pretty bad shape.

The problem with too much candy, or sugary foods and drinks in general, is that the plaque bacteria in your mouth love sugar. They use it to produce acids that can attack the enamel on your teeth. Some candies can stain your teeth, while other candies are sticky, and can linger in your mouth. If you don’t rinse or brush regularly, this can lead to dental decay and cavities. Biting down on hard candies might crack, chip or break any weak teeth in your mouth. Some patients even have teeth which are sensitive to sweet foods, and can experience pain from these tasty goodies.

How to Prevent Tooth Damage From Too Much Candy

Patients at Parke and Rogers Exceptional Dentistry know that good oral hygiene and regular visits to our dental office go a long way towards helping to prevent tooth damage from eating too much candy. Other services we provide which can help keep your teeth healthy, strong and white include:

Dental Cleaning: Regular dental cleanings at Parke and Rogers can help you avoid that nasty build-up of bacteria-filled tartar. Make and keep a dental cleaning appointment during candy season to help head off dental decay.

Deep Cleaning: If candy or other sugary foods have already caused significant damage to your teeth and gums, it’s not too late for help. We can perform a deep cleaning which removes bacteria and other debris from under the gum line, to help prevent tooth and bone loss.

Cavity Reduction Counseling: Ask us how to reduce tooth decay, and we’ll give you tips about good eating habits and oral hygiene routines that can help everyone in your family enjoy healthier teeth and gums.

Fluoride Varnish: This is a great way to fight tooth decay before it even occurs. We apply a highly-concentrated fluoride to the surface of your teeth to strengthen them against cavities.

Sensitivity Treatment: If your teeth are sensitive to sweets or temperatures, we can provide treatments that coat and cover them, creating a barrier against the offending materials.

It’s okay to have fun and enjoy some treats during the holidays. Just be sure everyone in your family makes smart choices about the candy you eat, and take steps to prevent negative effects on your teeth. If you would like to know more about improving lives with gentle dentistry, set an appointment with one of our Woodlands dentists, Dr. Stephanie Parke or Dr. Renee Rogers.

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