Can Tooth Enamel Grow Back?

Tooth enamel is one of the parts that make up your teeth. Tooth enamel comprises the outer layer of the teeth, and is the hardest kind of tissue in the entire body. It’s there to protect your teeth against bacteria and other things that could damage the teeth. However, tooth enamel is not impermeable to damage itself. There are many ways in which tooth enamel can be damaged.

How Can Tooth Enamel Be Damaged

Your oral health is something that must be looked after in order to be sustained your entire lifetime. One of the aspects of oral health that needs care is your tooth enamel. Tooth enamel can be damaged by drinking acidic beverages, brushing too hard or with a toothbrush that is too hard and allowing teeth to grind against one another. Another way that tooth enamel can be damaged is using certain products on the teeth, such as over the counter teeth whitening products. These products can be very harsh. When used too often, they can wear away the tooth enamel in spots or all over.

What are the Signs of Damaged Tooth Enamel?

You can usually tell if your tooth enamel has been damaged or worn away. You’ll experience symptoms, which should be reported to your dentist. The symptoms of damaged tooth enamel include:

  • white spots on the surface of the teeth
  • white patches on the surface of the teeth
  • pain when drinking hot or cold beverages
  • teeth sensitivity or discomfort when breathing in cold winter air

How to Prevent Damage to Your Teeth Enamel

You can go through your entire life and not damage your teeth enamel with the proper precautions. Taking care of your teeth enamel involves doing things like:

  • using the proper firmness of toothbrush
  • avoiding brushing too hard on any individual tooth
  • avoid prolonged brushing
  • using only ADA-approved teeth cleansing products
  • having teeth gnashing and grinding issues taken care of
  • avoiding overuse of OTC teeth whitening products

Can Teeth Enamel Grow Back?

Even though much of the tissue on your body is a living, growing organism, and even though tooth enamel is considered a tissue, it cannot grow back. Tooth enamel is not living and growing. It is a stagnant tissue that cannot be regenerated with current scientific knowledge or dental technology. There are some people and companies that claim to have products that will regrow tooth enamel, but that’s simply impossible.

Your dentist can help you with damaged or eroded tooth enamel however. Tooth enamel can be remineralized. Certain products can remineralize tooth enamel to strengthen it. Before you invest in any product like this, though, consult with your dentist. Because there is so much false information, it makes sense to ensure you invest your money in products that will actually help with your teeth enamel issues. For more information, please contact Parke & Rogers Dentistry.