Cosmetic Dentistry: Makeover Your Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry: Makeover Your Smile

Posted by Park Rogers Dentistry on Mar 21 2018, 09:59 AM

If you’re unhappy with your smile, you might be a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. People choose cosmetic dentistry for different reasons. Some people have generally healthy teeth and choose to change their smile for cosmetic purposes only. Others have dental problems and need to restore their teeth to fully functioning, healthy teeth.

Regardless of your reasons, there is a custom treatment plan out there for you. If you are unsure what to expect, here’s a breakdown of the stages of a smile makeover:

  1. Discussion–The best possible outcome for any dental procedure lies in the doctor and care team understanding your desire and/or need for the procedure. That’s why any cosmetic procedure starts with a discussion about your dental history, medical history, health concerns and oral health objectives. Each patient’s treatment plan should be personalized to fit the patient.
  2. Examination– A thorough comprehensive oral exam is needed to assess your current oral condition. During this examination is the perfect time to ask any questions or voice any concerns that you may have regarding the cosmetic dentistry procedure you are seeking. Keep in mind that disease, nutrition, your bite, accidental injury, your genetic makeup and more can affect the appearance of your smile. One of your dentist’s objectives will be to solve as many problems as possible, in order to make sure your new smile is optimally healthy and functional so it lasts a very long time.
  3. Treatment Plan– Once your mouth has been carefully studied, your dentist will develop a well-thought-out treatment plan. The plan may include treatment by a specialist, in which case your dentist will refer you to a trusted specialist. If there are multiple ways to achieve the smile makeover you want, alternative treatment plans and the pros and cons of each will be discussed with you.
  4. Preliminary Treatment–Any pre-existing conditions will need to be treated before your phases of treatment begin; this includes any existing periodontal disease, bite problems, tooth decay, etc.
  5. Phases of Treatment–Your doctor will discuss each phase in detail and address any concerns or questions you may have. If finances are a concern for you, it is optional to spread out the phases of treatment over a period of months or years, with the dentistry done in stages, starting with the most urgent and moving to the least urgent. A smile makeover can take as little as a few weeks or as many as a few years, depending on how you and your doctor decide to spread out the treatment phases.
  6. Temporary Restorations– Hard acrylic temporary restorations are made and adhered to your prepped teeth in order to “test-drive” your new smile for function, comfort and appearance. This gives you and your doctor the time to refine the changes being made in order to provide you with optimal results for the creation of the final restorations.
  7. Final Restorations– If you want your teeth whitened, it’s best to do so before final restorations, so your final restorations can be made to match the ideal color you desire. Once the final restorations are in, they can still be refined in shape and color to meet your expectations.
  8. Follow-up–The final step in the smile makeover process is a follow-up with your doctor to ensure your bite is evenly solid and your expectations are met.

At Parke & Rogers Dentistry, we specialize in a multitude of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help give you the perfect, even teeth you’ve always wanted. If you are interested in a long-lasting smile makeover, contact us today or visit our website.

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