Dental Trends for 2020

Dental Trends for 2020

Posted by Parke Rogers Dentistry on Nov 25 2019, 11:57 PM

Parke & Rogers Dentistry wants only the best for our patients. We’re always looking for top-quality dental services and the latest in dental technology to offer patients the best in gentle oral health and the most attractive smile. Here are some dental trends for 2020 that we’re following, so we can continue to provide you with the very best dental experience:

More Impressive Professional Teeth Whitening Results: These days it seems everyone is concerned about their appearance and wants to feel better about themselves. We work with patients to provide long-lasting professional teeth whitening services, so they do not have to be concerned about finding an over-the-counter remedy that doesn’t fit the exact needs of their teeth and gums. The KöR Whitening System we use gives consistent and beautiful results, while also preventing sensitivity. Brighter teeth are achieved by cleaning out debris, removing stains, and rejuvenating the enamel.

Reduced Pain from Stressful Jaw Clenching: With all the stress in our world these days, the only surprise is that more people don’t suffer from its ill effects. Some debilitating outcomes of an over-stressed life can be seen in patients who suffer from painful headaches and TMJ symptoms. Although most people might think of neurotoxin treatments in terms of wrinkle reduction, thousands of our patients are also finding blissful relief from their painful symptoms through a different application of this healing therapy. We use neurotoxin treatments to relax facial muscles around the jaw, forehead, and temples, so they don’t tense up and cause all that pain. An additional side benefit is they also have slimming and de-wrinkling effects on the entire face.

Advanced Crown and Bridge Services: Many people remember the old days when a crown or bridge meant gagging on trays of dental material to obtain an impression, or waiting weeks with a temporary crown while a new one was crafted in a lab. Our modern dental technology includes digital X-rays, optical impressions, and one-day crowns and bridges. Patients can get back to their normal activities with less discomfort, and quickly start enjoying the benefits of their newly-rejuvenated smile.

Better Oral Cancer Screening: When oral cancer is detected earlier, faster and more effective treatment can be provided. We use Oral ID cancer screening technology, which uses a blue light that can accurately detect cancer signs, pre-cancer signs, and lesions that are currently non-cancerous but require attention.

One trend that has actually been around for quite some time is the increased focus on patient engagement. At Parke & Rogers, however, this trend has always been at the very core of our dental care philosophy. Our Woodlands dentists, Dr. Stephanie Parke and Dr. Renee Rogers are fully committed to empowering patients to regain control of their own oral care.

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