How Do Vitamins and Minerals Affect Your Teeth?

How Do Vitamins and Minerals Affect Your Teeth?

Posted by Parke & Rogers Dentistry on Dec 14 2021, 06:33 AM

Because your dental health in Conroe 77318 has a direct impact on your entire health and wellness, you must take good care of your teeth and gums. And, just as vitamins and minerals are beneficial for promoting a healthy immune system or enhancing body functions, they are also beneficial for strengthening your teeth. If you have trouble remembering to take a vitamin or mineral supplement in tablet form, there are other methods to include beneficial vitamins and minerals into your life. Consider including the items listed below in your diet to get the vitamins and minerals you need for good oral health in Spring 77383. Also, visit your Parke & Rogers Dentistry in The Woodlands 77380 regularly to maintain good oral hygiene and support a healthy dental lifestyle.

Why Are Vitamins and Minerals Beneficial to Oral Health?

It's a proven truth that taking certain vitamins and minerals helps to maintain your body robust so that it can properly fight bacteria that can cause diseases. Your body is unable to combat bacteria without the right amount of specific vitamins, which can cause a variety of problems ranging from cavities and abscesses to gum disease, mouth sores, and other oral disorders. That is why vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy oral health in Spring 77373.

Effects of Vitamins and Minerals Have on Our Teeth?


Calcium aids in the formation and strengthening of our bones, as well as giving structural support and safeguarding our tooth enamel. From calcium-fortified juices and milk to other dairy products, there is a wide variety of calcium-containing foods that you can consume to promote healthy teeth in Magnolia 77354 and bones. 


After calcium, phosphorus is the second most prevalent mineral in the body. The majority of phosphorus in the human body is bonded to calcium, assisting the other mineral in the formation of strong bones and teeth. Phosphorus also works as a natural tooth protectant and aids in the regeneration of tooth enamel in Magnolia 77355.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A improves soft tissue health by avoiding dry mouth and hastening recovery. Vitamin A is found in leafy greens, orange fruits, salmon, egg yolks, and liver.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to build our gums and soft tissue in our mouths. It can guard against gingivitis in Montgomery County 77356, the early stage of gum disease, and it can help keep our teeth from becoming loose. 

Vitamin D

It's a good idea to combine calcium sources with vitamin D-rich foods, as this vitamin increases the body's calcium absorption rate. Simultaneously, Vitamin D enhances bone mineral density.

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