How Virtual Meetings Reveal Smile Concerns

How Virtual Meetings Reveal Smile Concerns

Posted by Parke Rogers Dentistry on Jan 18 2021, 04:29 AM

There’s no question that platforms like Zoom have been a blessing for people who need to stay in touch with colleagues during quarantine. But as with most innovations, there are a few downsides. Among them? Many of us have become aware that our smiles aren’t quite as sparkling as they could be.


In the past year, video conferencing has become routine for many people. Daily Zoom meetings are now a fact of working life, whether it’s a one-on-one with the boss, or a “multi-boxer” group conference.

And even if we don’t have jobs requiring video conferencing, chances are we’ve opened virtually shared holiday dinners and even opening presents while using a video conferencing service. It’s undeniably a special way of staying in touch when travel restrictions keep us far apart.

Without question, video conferencing is a major convenience. Yet it’s hard to ignore that little square in the corner of your screen in which you can see yourself smiling, laughing, or talking in an animated matter.

And that box may reveal a side of you that you rarely see when you’re simply brushing your hair or putting on makeup.


Why is the “Zoom” you so different from the “mirror” you? The answer is fairly straightforward. When you’re laughing, moving around while speaking, or just talking with great emphasis, more of your mouth shows.

Here are a few of the more mortifying things you might be noticing lately that you either hadn’t noticed yourself, but that were visible to other people all along:

  • Crooked bottom or side teeth
  • Discoloration
  • Missing tooth toward the back
  • Visible fillings
  • Chips or cracks
  • Oddly-shaped teeth


The good news is that many smile fixer-uppers are more simple and less expensive than people think. Now that you’ve noticed one or two things in your mouth that you’d like to improve, we’d be happy to help go over some options.

These might include:


Our procedure allows you to brighten your smile much more effectively than when using a drugstore kit, and with the advantage of professional application.


Missing teeth aren’t as hard to correct as you might think. Bridges and implants each have their pros and cons, with bridges being a more immediate fix, and implants acting more like permanent new teeth over time.


More than just smile brighteners, veneers can address a host of imperfections. Veneers can cover up discoloration, chips, and uneven or jagged shapes.


It’s not uncommon for adults to develop crooked teeth, even if they had braces as teens. The advantage of Invisalign is that they are clear plastic aligners that are hardly (if at all) noticeable so you won’t feel like a “metal mouth” during video conferences.


Whether you’re focused on improving your “Zoom appeal,” or looking forward to getting out and socializing in the near future, it’s never too late — or too early — to start getting your smile back. Call Parke & Rogers Dentistry today to set up an appointment to find dental solutions that match your concerns and your budget.

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