My Kid Got Braces…Now What?

My Kid Got Braces…Now What?

Posted by Parke Rogers Dentistry on Jul 29 2019, 01:15 AM

Getting braces can be a sign that your child is growing up and getting ready to develop their unique adult appearance. The problem is that they are still kids in many ways, and will therefore need some parental guidance about wearing and caring for braces.

At Parke and Rogers Exceptional Dentistry, we provide the information parents need to be sure the braces will do their job properly, and that your child’s teeth and gums still stay healthy. Here are some tips you can use to help your child maintain great oral health after he or she gets braces:

Dental Cleanings: As with any patient, you should make appointments for your child to visit our dental practice at least twice a year. This will give us a chance to examine your child’s teeth, look for any potential problems, and perform a thorough cleaning.

Brushing and Flossing: Proper oral hygiene is important every day for people of all ages, but it is even more important for children with braces to make sure they stick to a sound tooth-cleaning routine. Foods that are stuck between teeth can lead to cavities, which will require fillings or other dental work. Our dental team will advise you and your child about any special techniques you need to know for brushing and flossing with braces. Brush after every meal, but if brushing is not possible advise your child to at least rinse his or her mouth with water to loosen up as many food particles as possible.

Good Food Choices: As a parent, you always want to make sure that your children have a healthy diet. With braces, though, there are a few adjustments you might need to make and a few foods that should be avoided. Instead of biting into an apple, for example, cut it up into pieces so it is less likely to damage the braces. Foods to be avoided include harder chips, hard candy, popcorn, ice and other items that require a lot of crunching to break them up into smaller parts. Watch out for gooey items like gummies, caramels and gum, that might stick to the braces and be difficult to get out. Sugary sodas and juices are seldom a good idea for growing teeth, but they should especially be avoided for children with braces. Be careful of foods that can stain teeth, because they can result in an unappealing appearance after the braces are removed.

If your child is complaining of extreme or consistent pain with new braces, set an appointment to visit one of our dentists, Dr. Stephanie Parke or Dr. Renee Rogers. Our Woodlands dentist will perform a thorough examination and make recommendations to help your child cope with the new experience.

Parke & Rogers Dentistry is located at 9191 Pinecroft Drive, Suite 270 in The Woodlands, Texas. Visit our website at, call 281-419-2632, or email to set an appointment or learn more about helping your child adjust to wearing braces.

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