Why Choose Invisalign?

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is actually a trademarked name for a process of teeth straightening with a special set of dental appliances. Invisalign offers dental patients and their dentists an effective alternative to traditional braces. This is especially appreciated by adults, since they are most often working professionals who may feel their professionalism would be undermined by wearing highly visible traditional braces. Invisalign allows adults to enjoy having their teeth straightened via a subtle, see-through series of comfortable mouth inserts.

What Can Invisalign Do For You?

Invisalign can perform several functions for you. It can straighten teeth that are out of alignment, give you more confidence, improve your overall appearance and even increase your oral health by minimizing the likelihood of tooth decay and the build up of bacteria in your mouth.

How Long Does Invisalign Take to Work?

Invisalign takes an average of 12 months to fully work. Of course, the length of time you need to use Invisalign depends on the severity of your dental problems. The most exciting part about Invisalign is that it only takes about two or three months to start seeing noticeable results. So you can see from wearing Invisalign that it’s working. You don’t have to wait an entire year before you see the massive improvement in the way your teeth look!

Invisalign is the Leader in Teeth Straightening: Here’s Why

Invisalign offers tremendous benefits over traditional teeth straightening methods. These benefits include:

Easily removable: If you have an event where you would feel self-conscious, you can easily remove the Invisalign appliance. The Invisalign appliance is also removable for things like brushing and flossing.

Non-Invasive: No surgery is needed for the Invisalign appliance. The entire procedure is non-invasive and very comfortable.

Wearable Comfort: Wearing the Invisalign appliance is comfortable, too. While traditional braces could often be very uncomfortable, Invisalign clients often report they forget that they are even wearing the appliance after a while. Invisalign appliances are smooth, too, which is a benefit for your gums, lips and tongue.

Things to Keep in Mind With Invisalign

There are some important things to keep in mind if you and your dentist decide to use Invisalign to straighten your teeth. First, remember that although Invisalign is removable, the appliance should not be removed on a regular basis except for daily dental hygiene. The appliance needs to remain in place in your mouth as much as possible for it to be effective.

Another thing to know about Invisalign is that it is not a teeth whitening apparatus. While you can help to keep your teeth white with regular brushing, you won’t be able to have your teeth professionally whitened until after the Invisalign treatment is completed. Your dentist can advise you on when this will be possible.

If you are dealing with crooked teeth or a bite that is out of alignment, speak to your dentist in The Woodlands, Texas about Invisalign. Call today to book your appointment!