Zoom In-office Whitening vs. Take-Home Whitening Trays

Zoom In-office Whitening vs. Take-Home Whitening Trays

Posted by Park Rogers Dentistry on Apr 27 2018, 09:54 AM

A beautiful smile is a great way to create a first impression. It’s no surprise that thousands of people are seeking teeth-whitening treatments and to obtain the perfect smile. To whiten the teeth, people are continually using Zoom, a popular, safe and effective teeth-whitening product. To give you the desired result, Zoom offers a full range of products to suit each lifestyle. The tooth whitening can be in-office or take-home treatment. This article explains the difference between in-office and take-home treatments.

In-Office Whitening

This is a procedure that is carried out by dentists and typically takes around 60 minutes. The procedure begins with the cover up of the lips and gums, leaving only the teeth exposed. The dentist then applies the Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. The gel is exposed to LED light and works to break the discoloration. The gel is left in for 15 minutes, and the procedure is repeated three to four times, and patients can relax and listen to music during the process.

Hydrogen peroxide works by breaking apart carbon bonds that create stains. The LED light used is adjustable during the procedure to minimize sensitivity and produce the degree of whitening required. Any discomfort experienced after the procedure dissipates after a while.

Take-Home Whitening

Zoom take-home treatments include the DayWhite (HP formulation) and NiteWhite (CP formulation). The formulation consists of three powerful ingredients: ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate), potassium nitrate and fluoride. The three components work together to whiten teeth and reduce sensitivity at the same time.

The DayWhite treatment contains hydrogen peroxide (HP) that is highly potent for a short time, making it suitable for short periods. NiteWhite, on the other hand, contains carbamide peroxide that works for long periods, making it suitable for nighttime use.

Take-home whitening involves two appointments. During the first appointment, impressions (molds) are made to fabricate the teeth pattern. In the second appointment, the client tries on the molds, which are referred to as trays. Treatment involves wearing the trays with the special whitening solution, either twice a day for 30 minutes or overnight for a couple of days, depending on the degree of whitening required.

How Can I choose a Zoom Treatment?

A qualified dentist should help patients identify the best treatment depending on the rate of discoloration and lifestyle. Picking a treatment involves identifying the color of the teeth, the time a patient would like to spend, the location of the treatment and whether the patient has sensitive teeth.

Oral hygiene is also an important factor. The gums should be healthy for this procedure to avoid further complications. The dentist will also identify veneers and crowns, because teeth whitening only works on the enamel. This means that the degree of whitening should be the same as the color of veneers or crowns.

While the in-office treatment is suitable for patients who want a quick solution, take-home kits are effective in maintaining the white color of the teeth. Patients should follow instructions given to avoid sensitivity. General brushing and flossing are also effective in preventing discoloration.

It is important to remember that teeth discoloration is often a lifestyle consequence. Beverages such as soda, tea, coffee and wine discolor the teeth, and this means that patients may be required to at least have an in-office appointment once a year. Habits such as smoking should also be avoided to maintain the teeth’s white color.

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