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Dental Implants in Oak Ridge 75142

Dental Implants in Oak Ridge 75142 are artificial tooth roots that provide stable support for dental crowns and bridges. In addition, dental implants can support full dentures. Properly-positioned dental implants mimic the natural shape, size, and color of your teeth. With dental implants, you can smile, speak, and eat with confidence.

Uses of Dental Implants in Oak Ridge 75142

Dental implants are most commonly used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. They are permanently rooted in your jaw bone and can support other restorations.

Dental implant posts are made from titanium, one of the most biocompatible metals. It is safe for implantation in the body because it is non-reactive. This metal also promotes bone growth, meaning that your jaw heals faster, stronger, and more efficient. 

Caring for Implants

Dental implants in Oak Ridge 75142 can last for decades, but many factors affect their longevity. The lifespan of your implants will depend on how well you care for them. Taking proper care of your dental implants can help them last for decades or even a lifetime.

Dental implant maintenance consists of brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups. During your dental visits, we will carefully examine your implants to make sure they are not damaged or worn down. If we notice signs of wear and tear, we can recommend restorative procedures.


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