Botulinum toxin or Botox is a neurotoxic protein that can block specific chemical signals from reaching the nerves, specifically the ones responsible for the contraction of muscles. 

While it is primarily used for cosmetic purposes, Botox also has other benefits such as relaxing the jaw muscles or relieving headaches. In fact, more than 20 medical conditions are treated each year with Botox, and over 6 million treatments are administered annually. 

How Does Botox Work for Headaches?

Botox injections block nerve signals between your brain and your muscles. A neurotransmitter blocker like Botox can also prevent or relieve migraines by stopping the neurotransmitters from getting to the head and neck nerve endings. 

Botox can be used preventively or as a treatment for migraines and does not have the side effects of oral migraine medications.

How Does Botox Help Manage TMJ Disorders?

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders are genetic or caused by teeth grinding, jaw clenching, or trauma. These disorders can affect your ability to eat, speak, or swallow and can cause tension headaches, jaw pain, and facial muscle strain or pain. 

Botox can also help relieve jaw tension and facial muscle pain and can be used as an alternative treatment for TMJ disorders. 

Are There Any Risks to Botox for TMJ?

Botox injections can cause minor side effects. The most common side effects include redness and bruising around the injection site, muscle weakness, pain, and nausea.

Tips for Easing Your TMJ After Botox

Here are a few ways you can relieve jaw muscle stress and relax your face and jaw at home, regardless of whether you choose Botox treatment for TMJ:

  • Try yoga, deep breathing, or meditation
  • Massage your face 
  • Maintain a healthy posture and do not slump or slouch
  • Try to relax your jaw whenever you notice you are clenching your teeth
  • Maintain space between the upper and lower teeth when you are not eating
  • Refrain from eating sticky foods, chewing gum too often, or biting your nails 

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