If you are missing teeth, you may be experiencing problems like difficulty chewing, a shifting bite, discomfort in the gum area, more frequent tongue biting, and of course, a decrease in your self-confidence.

With restorative treatments from Dr. Stephanie Parke or Dr. Renee Rogers, you can enjoy a healthy smile.


If you want to replace missing teeth for a fuller and more youthful smile, Parke & Rogers Dentistry partners with local surgeons who can place implants for you. These implants can support single tooth implants or whole sets of teeth.

What is a dental implant? It’s a metal rod attached to your jawbone. It acts as an artificial root for a synthetic tooth. Several implants together can support dentures. Implants really become part of your jawbone through a process called osseointegration, in which the bone and rod fuse together. They’re even stable enough to support a set of dentures.

When you get a replacement tooth or a set of dentures, your dentist will customize the color and shape of it to make it look like a natural part of your mouth. People you meet won’t know that you have had dental work done, and you might even forget about it!


Our Full-Mouth Implant Makeover uses four to eight dental implants to permanently hold a prosthesis in your mouth. These new teeth and gums are made of a zirconia-porcelain mixture that is compatible with your mouth.

This prosthesis is a form of dentures, but it’s stronger and longer-lasting than many other types of dentures. Plus, it’s odor-resistant! Simply put, it’s the most reliable dental restoration that we can offer you.

Your new teeth and gums will give you a full, lovely smile again. Your dental implants also perform an important health function: they’ll stimulate your jawbone to keep it strong and healthy.


We’re excited to meet with you and find out if dental implants can improve your smile and your life! Please make an appointment with Parke & Rogers Dentistry today.


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