According to the American Dental Association, a typical adult between the ages of 20 and 64 has up to 3 teeth that are decayed or missing. Many of these adults consider bridges to restore their missing teeth and regain their oral functionality. 

At Parke & Rogers Dentistry, our experienced dentists offer advanced tooth replacement appliances and procedures for patients in and around The Woodlands, Texas, enabling patients to speak, smile, and eat just like before. 

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are dental restorations that fill the gap left by lost or missing teeth. They consist of an artificial tooth or a set of artificial teeth supported by crowns or abutment teeth.

Types Of Dental Bridges

At Parke & Rogers, we offer patients four types of dental bridges:

Traditional Fixed Bridges - This type of dental bridge is supported by dental crowns cemented to existing natural teeth on either side and made from materials like metal, porcelain fused to metal, or ceramic.

Implant-Supported Bridges - This type of dental bridge is supported on either side by dental implants when the natural teeth cannot be used to support the bridge. 

Maryland Dental Bridge - This type of dental bridge also uses the patient’s natural teeth for support on either side. It is bonded to the supporting teeth using a metal or porcelain framework. 

Cantilever Bridge - A cantilever bridge is used when the patient only has one natural tooth that can support the bridge and is held in place by a dental crown cemented to the abutment tooth. 

Dental Bridges Procedure 

Bridges require, on average, two dental appointments. During the first visit, one of our dentists reshapes the abutment teeth by removing part of the enamel and creating space for the crown. 

Next, an impression or a digital scan is used as a model to make the dental bridge. Our dentists can provide temporary bridges until the permanent one is ready.

During your second appointment, one of our dentists will remove the temporary bridge and fix the permanent bridge in place. Further checks and adjustments will be made to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. 

If implants are required for the dental bridge, the procedure will also include appointments for placing the dental implants.

Aftercare Tips for Dental Bridges

To ensure your dental bridges last longer, you should maintain good oral hygiene, avoid chewing hard foods as they can crack, chip, or break the dental bridge, and get regular dental checkups once every 6 months.

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