The simplest and most affordable way to make your smile brighter is with teeth whitening. The procedure is quick, non-invasive, and affordable. The various products available may include rinses, gels, gum, kinds of toothpaste, and stripe products.

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Why Do Our Teeth Stain?

There are multiple reasons your teeth may stain. It could be due to age, eating habits, smoking, drug use, grinding, or trauma.

  • Age

It is well known that tooth color changes with age due to wear and tear and stains accumulating on the teeth. Whitening will likely produce dramatic results for teenagers immediately after treatment. In older people, yellow turns to brown, requiring more maintenance and some stubborn stains that are tough but impossible to remove.

  • Food and Eating Habits

In addition to deep-colored drinks and foods, acidic foods such as citrus fruits and vinegar contribute to enamel erosion. Red wine, coffee, tea, cola, carrots, oranges, and other richly colored items can also stain teeth. A result is that more yellow-colored dentin is exhibited through the surface of the dentin.

  • Smoking

A brown deposit on the tooth surface is left behind by nicotine, which slowly soaks into the structure and causes discoloration.

  • Drugs Use

Excessive fluoride consumption causes fluorosis (discoloration of the teeth and related areas of white mottling), produced when tetracycline is used during tooth formation.

  • Teeth Grinding

Stress is a common cause of teeth grinding, but it can also contribute to microcracks on the teeth and darken the biting edges.

  • Trauma

A fall or other accident may result in significant cracks in the teeth, resulting in a great deal of debris and staining.

Shades of White Differ in Our Enamel

There are a variety of results that can be achieved by whitening your teeth. Before you start any whitening treatment, consult your dentist for an estimate of the results you should expect and the amount of time it should take.

Shade guides, hand-held displays displaying different shades of teeth colors are used to measure before-and-after tooth color. Although whitening can sometimes lighten tooth color by nine or more shades, the typical difference is between two and seven shades for those who bleach their teeth.

Retaining Your Results

Dentists often recommend keeping an eye on a few things like the following to ensure the longevity of newly whitened teeth:

Get your teeth whitened at home after your initial treatment or at least once yearly.

For at least one week following bleaching, refrain from taking dark-colored foods and beverages.

Use a straw to sip darker-colored beverages whenever possible.

Exercising good oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing after meals and before you go to bed.

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